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who am I, why & what ... the quick story ...

claudia dilay hauf ...

born in stuttgart, germany

› becoming a youngster dedicated to performing & visual arts like

acting, photographing, singing, drawing, dancing ...

did different club sports and was riding my dad's peugeot road bike

› then studied at the folkwang university of arts essen / acting + singing + dancing

› new home base essen, germany

› pimped my camera equipment and started my canon digital reflex cam history

› worked as actress but also as free journalist and photographer for an internet magazine

› since 2008, merging acting & photography

› to actors/artists/portrait photography

› followed by the passion for cycling races - i'm just cycling, my better half is the racer;-)

› since 2018 cycling photography / sports photography

my aspiration ... capture feelings, atmosphere, details, the special something .

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